A Centre that Will Grow our Communities

The Public Ad Hoc Building Steering Committee conducted a public education campaign on the Culture & Events Centre in February 2022. The campaign’s objective was to educate and engage area residents, and comments received during the process have been compiled and will be presented to Council.

A centre like this can attract businesses and keep business in our community. It can give Whitecourt a competitive advantage.

– Alan Deane

Owner, Whitecourt Stationery

Thank you to community members that participated and provided feedback during the public education campaign.

Open House Presentation

Missed the Open Houses? View the presentation slides.

Open Houses


Was held Wednesday, February 16 via Zoom.


Was held Thursday, February 17 at St. Joseph Parish Hall in Whitecourt.

A Centre For Everyone

A Fully Accessible Space for All




Business/ Industry

Culture & Events Centre

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One Footprint

Build together, lower costs, smaller footprint, green initiatives and shared synergies.

Return on Investment

For less than a cup of coffee per week, households will receive:

An Economic Driver for our Community

Revitalize the downtown, create economic diversification and be a catalyst for COVID-19 recovery. Increase spending in the community.

New Audience Spending in the facility and community annually

Construction Impacts:

Money spent locally during construction and local job creation.

A Venue for Artists, Performers, Weddings, Special Events & Conventions

In 2017, 70% of households in Alberta attended a live performance.

– 2017 Albertan Recreation Survey, Government of Alberta

Increased Opportunities in our Community

Create unique events, activities, and educational opportunities in our community. Available even when travel restrictions are in place.

Increased Jobs in the Community

Jobs created annually by audience spending and operations.

A Multifunctional Centre

There are hundreds of possible uses identified

New Industry Attraction

Attract new industry to our community creating industrial and residential growth, resulting in increased tax generation.

A Tourism Driver

Whitecourt is the trading hub between Edmonton & Grande Prairie. People will come to our community for events and stay in hotels, eat in restaurants, shop and use other entertainment and recreational facilities.

Attraction and Retention of Professionals

Research shows that high performing, creative leaders and creative entrepreneurs value arts and culture and choose the communities they reside in and around their values.


The Public Committee completed a public education campaign in February 2022, which included the development of this website. It remains active to ensure the communities have current information on the proposed project.

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